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Banking and Finance


Some key ASA solution implementations in the banking and finance industry include:


A prominent British bank wanted to transform its 15-year-old legacy systems to enable faster growth and serve customers better. As part of a broader, IT and business services (loans processing, cards processing and call center services) initiative, the bank implemented a new core banking system and integrated it with the bank's existing electronic banking channels and payment gateways, as well as refreshed and modernized technology throughout the enterprise. Among the many solution components deployed was ASA’s unique collaboration and knowledge management system, which helped make the bank one the most technologically advanced banks, playing an important part in fueling the bank's rapid growth.


A regional US bank’s aging mainframe system supporting one of its wealth management services was becoming increasingly costly and cumbersome. To reduce costs and improve processes, the bank wanted to move to a more advanced and efficient system. ASA and other consulting firms coordinated efforts to work closely with the bank and third-party vendors to migrate their system to a UNIX platform. The team developed a prototype and benchmarked various configurations to determine the optimum price-to-performance balance, conducted database tuning, and installed supporting tools. Today, hosting costs are a third of what they used to be, batch processing times were more than halved, and Web site bottle-necks have been eliminated.


A leading provider of extended service plans, this company wanted to carve its niche in the consumer warranty market with a next-generation consumer portal to sustain customer satisfaction and realize substantial cost savings. As part of a multi-vendor implementation, ASA participated in the building of a best-in-class consumer portal that allows consumers to register products and process claims online. The team also integrated the warranty claims system that the service plan provider operates on behalf of a national credit-card giant into the new portal, expanding the portal's functionality. Launched in only six months, the company's online registrations have increased by 175 percent while the number of first-time users who register online rose from 10 to 35 percent.




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