Advanced System Automation’s Premium Support


Advanced System Automation’s Premium Support helps improve IT efficiency and value by minimizing risks and lowering the cost of owning and maintaining ASA solutions. In addition to providing expert information on product enhancements and helping to verify that systems are up-to-date, secure, and operating at peak performance, when it’s time to upgrade, we provide advanced upgrade tools to simplify and accelerate the upgrade process so that the disruption to your business is minimal.

ASA Premium Support provides advanced, automated support tools for faster problem resolution. These tools help our customers’ systems run more securely and protect and extend customer investment through enhancements and updates to all ASA products. Additionally, customers can continue to derive value from their existing ASA applications or choose to upgrade to the next generation of ASA Applications whenever they are ready.


Benefit from the best support available, as fast as possible, with ASA Collaborative Support. This innovative approach uses ASA’s highly secure collaborative software platform to provide interactive support between customer IT staff and the trusted expertise of ASA support engineers for accurate diagnosis and swift resolution of issues. ASA support engineers have an average tenure of 10 years industry experience, with extensive knowledge and in-depth technical expertise in programming, database management, and computer operations. Also, with ASA’s knowledgebase, customers have access to the same problem-solving information used inside ASA. These solutions have been thoroughly researched, tested, and reviewed and are constantly updated, expanded, and refined to provide the very latest information.


ASA’s Premium Support also offers:


Automated alerts to inform customers of potential configuration performance risks by providing both security alerts and general alerts specific to each customer environment. System health status checks provide proactive recommendations to help customers improve the performance of their ASA systems. These notifications offer greater control over the customer’s IT environment, with recommendations and risk assessments to prevent the escalation of known issues before they become critical. This enhanced, ongoing information exchange between ASA and customer IT staff makes system changes easier to manage by automating labor-intensive tasks and significantly reducing IT-infrastructure risks and costs


Diagnostic Tools for optimized system performance. ASA continually develops new support diagnostic tools and technologies that help customers configure, install, and maintain their solutions for optimal system performance. These proactive, automated diagnostic tools transform the way information is shared with ASA support and help shorten resolution time. The result is an increase in IT effectiveness that helps customers achieve optimized system performance


A unique Upgrade Configurator that provides for smoother, more streamlined upgrades that help simplify the upgrade process by saving time and requiring fewer IT resources by guiding the user through the ASA applications upgrade process. This tool streamlines the process by presenting upgrade activities as a step-by-step process, validates each step, tracks the completion of the step, and maintains a log and status. And, because it is a multiuser tool, system administrators can give different users assignments that include any combination of categories, product families, and tasks. The Upgrade Configurator automatically installs many required patches and provides project management utilities to record the time taken for each task, the completion status, and other project reporting



All in all, Premium Support helps lower the total cost and risk of owning ASA solutions, improve the return on IT investments, and optimize the business value of customer IT solutions.


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