Customer Initiatives


In addition to providing its specialized knowledge and tools, Advanced System Automation often makes equity investments in many of the initiatives with which it is involved. Since many of these initiatives involve partnering with organizations that frequently have little time or experience dealing with technology issues, ASA frequently acts as the IT development and procurement component of the initiatives in which the company invests.


In this role, ASA has been involved in evaluating software, hardware, and services for various world-wide initiatives including:


A banking and investment group of foreign based banks, investment money managers and broker/dealers with current and planned facilities in the US seeking to expand in the US by offering secure on-line banking and investment services (e.g. centralized services including money management and advice as well as centralized IT and banking services, etc.)


A group of small to mid-size apparel and textile manufacturers and retailers, aiming to achieve the economies of scale and IT efficiency of larger organizations by consolidating IT management.



For more information on current initiatives ASA is working on, please contact:





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