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Implementation of ASA Software Tools


Many of ASA's software solutions are implemented with ASA Web services tools that allow different applications from different sources to communicate with each other without time-consuming custom coding. All communication takes place in XML, so that ASA Web services are not tied to any one operating system or programming language.

Unlike traditional client/server models that provide users with a specific GUI, ASA Web services tools instead share business logic, data and processes through a programmatic application interface across a network. ASA customers working with the ASA consulting organization can then add the Web service to a GUI (such as a Web page or an executable program) to offer specific functionality to users.


ASA tools and accompanying consulting services can also be used for new product launch and forecasting-related initiatives including such projects as:



New product launches using proprietary processes where forecasting data is incorporated into sales and marketing expenditures as inputs to the forecast to enable clients to determine resource allocation


Forecasting market statistics, including conducting market research, building both US and off shore models and historical market data analyses


Building of forecasting models to predict sales of controversial products in new markets, using primary and secondary research data within specific segment areas


New product launch studies integrating secondary data, studying primary research with customers and sales representatives and working closely with marketing, sales, and market research teams

Development of new product launch tracking reports for client sales forces

Design and implementation of product forecasting models for companies with a portfolio of new and in-line products


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